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Deerhunter’s subversively outrageous frontman Bradford Cox (center) craves the spotlight
but eschews fame.

Deerhunter’s manic dance with praise and punk

Deerhunter’s second album, Cryptograms, made it a household name in indie rock circles. Released in early 2007 by the legendary and long-running Kranky record label, the album features an appealing mix of sprawling and dreamy guitar sounds, anchored by slow-building, bass-heavy grooves and distorted, distantly cool vocals. It sounds almost as if the Atlanta-based quintet […]

By weaving the bucolic sounds of Ireland into the community fabric, Dónal Maguire inspires reverence for traditional music.

ARTS Pick: Dónal Maguire

In celebrating the area’s rich vein of Irish heritage, the Blue Ridge Irish Music School sponsors Dónal Maguire, a vocalist with profound reverence for his roots and one who instills pride and passion for his homeland. Singing unaccompanied or with mandolin, Maguire makes accessible the Emerald Isle’s enchanting melodies in songs about love, labor, and […]

Adam Long is the heart of his melodically robust,  indie-folk-rock-with-pop-hooks sound.

ARTS Pick: Adam’s Plastic Pond

Songwriter and UVA alumnus Adam Long has popped in and out of various groups on the Virginia music circuit for the better part of a decade. His current group finds Long writing the lyrics while his friends play the tunes. Scrapping early names like Adam Long and the Quest for the Grapefruits, the band settled […]