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The piano pop trio Jukebox the Ghost takes things down a few octaves on a new self-titled record with introspective appeal. Photo: Eric Ryan Anderson.

ARTS Pick: Jukebox the Ghost

D.C.’s punchy pop trio Jukebox the Ghost brings youthful optimism and thoughtful darker themes together on its new self-titled album. Guitarist Tommy Siegel and drummer Jesse Kristin lay down uptempo beats as frontman Ben Thornewill tickles the ivories and doles out contemplative, infectious lyrics on an album that’s filled with road loneliness and heartbreak tied […]

The fine musical craftsmen that form the band Cabinet work hard to stay true to the roots of Appalachian music. Photo: Jason Reidmiller.

ARTS Pick: Cabinet

In an age when singers are obsessed with tweaking and expanding classic genres, it’s nice to find a band dedicated to preserving musical heritage. Cabinet is unapologetically devoted to bluegrass in the classic Appalachian tradition. With rhythm marked by fast-picked banjos and energetic acoustic riffs peppered with folklorical lyrics, each song is a peek at […]