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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. members Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein drive an anti-pop attitude that results in a catchy, wide-ranging style.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. gears up for the next record

Catchiness. It’s the pop song writer’s holy grail. But what is it about a song that gets it lodged in hipsters’ heads? Is it a combination of the perfect melody and a poetic hook? The right balance of whistling and “woo-woos”? Perhaps a horn-driven chorus? Cowbell anyone? Whatever the formula, Detroit-based Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. […]

Diane Cluck’s uniquely beautiful voice ranges over peaks and valleys with warbling inflections that hint at the emotive style of Joni Mitchell.

ARTS Pick: Diane Cluck

Though she cut her musical teeth in NYC’s Lower East Side among other notables in the anti-folk game, Diane Cluck now resides in Virginia—a fitting landscape for her lovely and lonely brand of intuitive songwriting. Her first release in eight years, Boneset is a collection of songs written during her hiatus and presented in loose […]

Major and The Monbacks’ sassy horns and lively pianos ready the dance floor while spirited lyrics spread a message of cheer to their eager audience.

ARTS Picks: Major and the Monbacks

The ink on their college diplomas is not dry, but the nine members of Major and the Monbacks are already making a splash in the Central Virginia music scene. Defying genres, these energetic artists combine Motown, Ska, and Southern rock with the self-proclaimed “Eastern Seaboard’s Horniest Horn Section.”  Their songs are pure celebration, a tribute […]