Live Music

The Saturday Giant takes disparate elements of art rock and blends together a stream of modern pop nirvana at BON on Friday. Photo: Mark Elliot

ARTS Pick: The Saturday Giant

In the vein of Keller Williams and other one-man bands, Philip Cogley, a.k.a. The Saturday Giant, produces three, four, sometimes five separate tracks at a time during live performances using a guitar, a drum machine, keyboards, and a loop machine. Atop all of his instruments, he adds warm vocals that overlap as harmonies above the […]

There’s a glint of gold in the Nettles modern mix of British Isle folk and indie rock. Celebrate the group’s debut album release at the Southern on Thursday. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Nettles

The Kickstarter funded album Locust Avenue, by local folk group Nettles, is a rural Virginia creation through and through. The record was made in a farmhouse in Waynesboro that the band rented in exchange for a six-pack of Heineken. Led by Guion Pratt on acoustic guitar and vocals, Nettles went into seclusion for four days […]