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Danny Brown’s lyrics render a portrait of inner city life that is unapologetic, unhindered, and impossible to forget.

ARTS Pick: Danny Brown

It may be the shrill voice of Danny Brown that catches the ear of rap enthusiasts, but it’s the lyrics that make him a modern hip-hop icon. The Detroit legend is brutally honest with his music, offering audiences the chance to view life as it occurs in an impoverished neighborhood. The versatile nature of his […]

Zac Brown Band members Clay Cook and Levi Lowrey face off at the Southern.

ARTS Pick: Clay vs. Levi: Round 2

There’s a score to settle between the members of the famous Zac Brown Band, and they’re taking their gripes to the stage to determine who is the king of the country ballad at Clay vs. Levi: Round 2. Clay Cook lays claim to the title, boasting an impressive solo collection of rock-inspired albums, but the […]

Borrowing from rock, country, and soul, Over the Rhine offers a humble musical experience that resonates deeper than the ever present mash of electric sound.

ARTS Pick: Over the Rhine

In a music market that’s dominated by a cacophony of artificial noise, it’s always a pleasure to discover a band that embraces purity. Over the Rhine has reduced its music to a healthy core of soulful melodies and gorgeous lyrics. The lead songwriter, Linford Detweller, is a man whose modest words tell a profound story […]