Live Music

Bob Log III takes the live experience to outlandish places through costume rigging
and audience engagement. “I am trying to create this room full of people going apeshit,”
said the one-man party band. Publicity photo

Bob Log III cranks up the wacky concert antics

You get the feeling that 44-year-old Bob Log III is still figuring things out as he goes, a sci-fi time traveler reborn every few minutes to turn things upside-down all over again. The neo-bluesman has been making music professionally for more than 20 years, but every word out of his mouth still comes off as […]

Peyton Tochterman leads his new acoustic trio Man on a Horse into Rapture on Wednesday night. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Man on a Horse

Folk fingerpicker Peyton Tochterman is a veteran of the local scene. His acoustic prowess has taken him across the country and the globe, playing shows for delighted fans as well as soldiers in Afghanistan. He chronicles his travels on his website, with articles, reviews, and a blog that offers candid access into the performer’s thoughts […]

Hospitality welcomes you to its dreamlike, sonic explorations at the Southern on Sunday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Hospitality

The New York based trio Hospitality throws convention to the wind in order to create a sound that is truly authentic. Every song on the recent album Trouble has its own life, with lyrics and melodies crafting an experience that takes fans beyond listening. There’s no borrowing from other artists or rehashing of classic genres […]