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Lou Barlow (middle) has worked out the personality conflicts in his bands Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh (pictured), and is still making “angsty” music.

Interview: Sebadoh’s Lou Barlow finds humor in rock band drama

Lou Barlow has been involved in some of the quaintest rock ’n’ roll feuds of all time. In an industry where grudges are common and time seems only to deepen rifts between once-close bandmates, the Dinosaur Jr. bassist and Sebadoh frontman has pretty much made up with everyone he’s ever crossed. The lo-fi legend was […]

Gene Mills, Bill Staton, Alice Clair, Kathryn Caine, Sam Cregger, and John Kelly gather at Rapunzel’s quarterly music series to share an evening of song.

ARTS Pick: Six Pack Songwriters Series

Virginia-native tunes abound at the Six Pack Songwriters Series, a quarterly collaboration of local artists founded by Jason Burke. This fourth installment features a wide range of original music from veteran singer-songwriters John Kelly and Gene Mills, as well as guitarist Bill Staton. Drink in Kathryn Caine’s dark side Americana or Alice Clair’s alternative acoustic […]

Master n’goni player Cheick Hamala Diabate performs at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center.

ARTS Pick: From Africa to Appalachia

The banjo-folk music bastion has a remarkable lineage. Derived from African lutes called n’goni that were brought by slaves to the New World, the development of the banjo provides a fascinating insight into the birth of American music. Master n’goni player Cheick Hamala Diabate, together with celebrated bluegrass banjoist Sammy Shelor, multi-instrumentalist Danny Knicely, and […]