Live Music

Mary Reynolds is the acclaimed lead singer for the soulful, classically trained duo Miss Brown to You appearing at Bon Cafe on Friday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Miss Brown to You

The Oklahoma duo Miss Brown to You featuring Mary Reynolds and Louise Goldberg plays a mix of jazz and folk in songs that are endearing and serene. Both musicians employ their classical training, performing original music on a range of instruments, while Reynolds sings from the heart with what the Tulsa World calls “the most […]

Richmond’s Dead Fame takes brooding modern rock movement into a darker, more complex direction at the Main Street Annex. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Dead Fame

The brooding tones of electric synth may exude the soul of the ’80s, but there’s nothing retro about the music of Dead Fame. Spiking its music with elements of modern rock, the group revitalizes the genre with new energy, creating its own version of a classic sound. The group’s new album, Vicious Design, pays tribute […]

Americana musician David Bromberg broke away from a highly regarded career to become a violin maker in the ’80s. He later returned to music on his own terms and is currently playing dates to support his latest release Only Slightly Mad. Publicity photo

Catching up with Americana pioneer David Bromberg

David Bromberg doesn’t take interview calls until 5pm. That’s when the work day is done at his violin retail and repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s a humble existence for a guy who was once Columbia Records’ second-best recording artist behind Bob Dylan, but a few minutes on the phone with Bromberg reveal that he […]