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“It’s intimidating for people to share, so I always talk some nonsense,” said Raven Mack, host of the bimonthly Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts haiku poetry slams. Photo courtesy of the artist

Raven Mack finds peace through word fights

“Who I am is not really defined. Most of the questions you asked I’d probably answer differently two weeks from now,” said Raven Mack, smiling under his long beard. “I always reserve the right to change suddenly.” Mack’s a poet without pretension, scribbling sonnets on his lunch break and supporting a wife, three children, and their […]

Author and publisher Deborah Prum decided to incorporate audio recordings of poets' work into the new anthology after she developed a YA audiobook for the blind and disabled.

Oh, God: Artists address spirituality in multisensory ebook

In a world increasingly dependent on text messages, two-sentence emails, and other abbreviated missives, why do artists do what they do? Why slave over word choice or perfect lighting, or attempt to sculpt poetry from the confusion of everyday experience? As she edited the new ebook anthology Back Talking on the Mountain of God, author […]