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In brief: A new reputation, a boycott and scary statistics

In brief: A new reputation, a boycott and scary statistics

Rebranding hate If the #cvillestandsforlove looks familiar, like the “Virginia Is For Lovers” logo, for instance, that’s because Susan Payne, wearing her chair-of-the-Virginia-Tourism-Corporation-board hat, created the hashtag using the state’s 50-year-old iconic logo. “It’s the same family,” says Payne. “And it’s all free. No city money is being used.” According to Payne, Governor Terry McAuliffe […]

Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy says he has to “stand with the people,” and not let politeness mask white supremacy. Photo Eze Amos

Do Robert’s Rules of Order mask white supremacism?

After City Council’s chaotic August 21 meeting where outraged attendees commandeered the meeting to vent about the deadly Unite the Right hate fest, many have suggested that trying to immediately conduct business as usual probably wasn’t the best idea, and that a wounded citizenry needed a chance to vent its hurt, anger and frustration. At […]

Anarchy ruled at the first City Council meeting after the August 12 alt-right rally.
Eze Amos

Council coup: Angry citizens take over meeting

Barely 30 minutes into its August 21 meeting, City Council was in chaos. Three demonstrators were reportedly arrested, city officials left the chamber and the meeting’s video and audio feeds were cut off as protesters stood on the dais holding a banner that read, “Blood on your hands.” The rage, frustration and trauma from the […]