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Barrett Early Learning Center has been serving low-income families since the 1930s. Photo: Annalee Grant

What financial model will sustain Barrett Early Learning Center?

Since forming last month, Barrett Early Learning Center’s new board of directors has raised $30,000 in a fundraising effort that began after the former board announced that the 80-year-old preschool on Ridge Road would close due to cash flow issues and delayed reimbursements from the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS). More than a dozen […]

Ellie Blaine was diagnosed at age 2 with a rare form of cancer called pineoblastoma. Photo: Elli Williams

Full strength: Dealing with your child’s illness

On her second birthday, Ellie Blaine started vomiting repeatedly. After two weeks of multiple doctor and ER visits, her parents finally knew why: Ellie was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called pineoblastoma. The family was in shock. “We knew she was sick but we didn’t expect a brain tumor,” said Carly Blaine, Ellie’s […]