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Pets can enjoy snacks from your gourmet dining experience, but it’s best that it’s in small doses and not a regular part of their diet. Photo: File photo

They are what you eat: Sharing your dinner with family pets

One of the stranger artifacts of working in an animal-centric profession is the need to clarify any time that we’re talking about the human world. We find ourselves saying awkward things like “I’m going to the people doctor” and “I need to pick up some people food.” I’ve always liked the latter. It evokes the […]

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Chill Out: 24 ways to beat the heat this summer

In the air The ground’s the limit It doesn’t matter how hot it is on the ground, when you’re up in a plane going close to 100mph at several thousand feet, you’ll cool right down. Then, when you leap from that plane and plummet toward the earth at (more or less) 9.81 m/s, the chill […]