Kids & Family

Photo: Caleb Davis and Abe Granger

C-VILLE Family, er, Village is on stands now!

Naming your kid is a pretty big deal. If, as they grow up, you look at them and think, “Well, you’re not a D’Artagnan at all,” it’s fairly difficult to about-face. Publishing, on the other hand, isn’t like that. So when, as we were putting together this issue, we stumbled upon a moniker that communicated […]

David Shames' family held out until he was 14 to give him a cell phone, but he started lobbying for one at age 9. Photo: Ryan jones

Screen time: Should your kid have a cell phone?

Whether you’ve allowed your kids to have their own mobile device or you’re still deciding if you should, they’ve probably already asked for one. At least that’s what Allyson Shames says her oldest son, David, started doing before she finally caved. “He was making us Keynote presentations, justifying why he felt he needed one by […]

YOCVA members can be heard at venues such as Old Cabell Hall and at a variety of community events. Photo: Caleb Davis and Abe Granger

In tune: Young musicians hit the right notes with YOCVA

Charlottesville Chamber Music Festival founders, Juilliard School graduates, members of Dave Matthews Band…scroll down the list of local musicians who have played in the Youth Orchestras of Central Virginia, and you won’t doubt the almost-40-year-old organization’s claim: “Music begins with us.” “We’re the only opportunity in the community for young people who play winds and […]