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Photo: Andrea Hubbell

Mix and match: An all-new kitchen (with the same old cabinets)

Usually, when tackling a kitchen renovation, homeowners and contractors assume that the first step is to gut the old kitchen. But not always. Last year, Todd Buck and his team at Weston Construction completed a kitchen redo that left nearly all the existing cabinetry in place—and yet completely updated the space. The house, built in 2005 in […]

Photo: Christian Hommel

In the middle: A centralized kitchen undergoes an overhaul

“This was a typical ’60s ranch house,” said architect David Day of Kamilla Schenck’s Bellair residence. As the floorplan dictated, small rooms crowded the space, making the living and sleeping quarters feel disjointed, so the house was gutted. “The only things that remained were the main floor structure, the basement, the walls, and most of […]