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Leslie’s favorite room in her home is the kitchen, which she renovated on her own. “It is a perfect blend
of old and new, sustainable and reused products,” she said. “I chose the Corian countertop as it contains 30 percent recycled material, and designed the color scheme of the kitchen around that product. I peeled the asbestos tiles off of the floor to reveal the heartwood pine sleeping many layers below, and after thoroughly sanding it, sealed it with Monocoat—a German product made from flaxseed oil. I set the brick wall free
of its many skins of paint and wallpaper, exposing its ruddy texture. I painted the rest of the kitchen walls in low-VOC paint, restored the old baseboard and reused some of the beadboard in a new laundry alcove
and freestanding cabinet. Photo: Amanda Maglione

At home with…Leslie Burns

Two of interior designer Leslie Burns’ passions put a personal stamp on her work: fine art and travel. Having visited more than 20 different countries and worked as a fine artist, Leslie’s designs often focus on bringing more color and texture to a room. We asked her to tell us what she’s been up to […]