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“In the past, closets were just a bar in a small room with a door,” said Alloy Workshop designer Kate Tabony. “Now people want to walk in and pull out a special drawer designed for their purses or ties.” Photo: Virginia Hamrick

Conquering the closet: Get the most out of your bedroom storage space

Anyone who’s been on a house hunt knows closets are a relatively modern development. And if you’re into vintage homes, you’ll probably have to compromise on built-in storage space. “Houses that are 100 years old, back then people didn’t really have closets,” said architect Kate Tabony, lead designer for Charlottesville-based Alloy Workshop. “Maybe it’s a […]

Abundance Organizing's Allison Mitchell clears physical—and often emotional—clutter to make room for happiness. Photo: Emily Moroné.

Order up: Professional organizer helps clients clear the clutter

Allison Mitchell helps people sort through and systematize the keeping of their stuff. But really, she says, they’re redefining self-love. “The irony for my clients is that they fear losing something, so they keep everything, then they lose the something they really wanted to keep,” said Mitchell, a Charlottesville-based organizing consultant for Richmond firm Abundance […]