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Alana Woerpel says her favorite room in her own home is the sunroom. "You can be inside and outside all at once, sitting on cushy upholstered furniture yet surrounded by woods, rhododendrons and a mossy courtyard with a fountain," she says. "The real treat is when it snows. It's like being in the middle of one of those glass globes with the white flakes swirling around you. Magic." Photo: Amy Jackson

Natural instincts: At home with designer Alana Woerpel

Designer Alana Woerpel says she’ll tackle anything. When asked what she’s afraid to DIY, she says there isn’t anything she won’t do. “On my most recent whole-house installation I found myself re-installing ill-fitting toilet seats for the client,” she says. The can-do attitude (not to mention good taste) pays off—her work has been featured in […]

Give the heater a break—upgrade your insulation

Give the heater a break—upgrade your insulation

They say the human body loses most of its heat through the head. So when it’s cold out, you put a hat on. Before winter approaches (or even autumn!), invest in a hat for your house. According to Austin Craig, sales consultant for Davenport Insulation, attic insulation is critical to maintaining a constant temperature in […]