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Full circle: City seeks to improve bike access in Charlottesville

Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Amanda Poncy was shocked when she received double the amount she requested for her budget this year. The money will allow her to collaborate with Park and Trail Planner Chris Gensic to connect trails and urban passageways to create a city-wide corridor that’s easy and safe to access. “We really just […]

Sussex County’s annual Shad Planking, once a must-attend event for Virginia pols on either side of the aisle, has drifted far to the right. Photo: Roll Call

Shad Planking marks the end of a bipartisan era

When it comes to political partisanship, Virginia is a case study in voter schizophrenia. While trending increasingly Democratic during presidential years (and having failed to elect a Republican to the U.S. Senate since 2002), it nevertheless has a solidly conservative governor, a stridently right-wing attorney general, and a Republican-dominated House of Delegates that is among […]