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Motorists trying to use the McIntire Interchange can find themselves backed up to the County Office Building as they wait to squeeze through the 18-second green light. Photo by Martyn Kyle

18 seconds: Why the McIntire Interchange doesn’t move

On September 9, C-VILLE reported that many citizens felt the recently opened $33.6 million McIntire Interchange was a “disaster” and that traffic was worse than before the pricey project was built. City officials said they were adjusting the timing on the lights both at McIntire and at Park Street September 3, and, three weeks later, […]

The Board of Supervisors candidates held their own in a forum on the environment
organized by the Sierra Club. Photo by Ron Rammelkamp

Duking it out: BOS candidates talk environment

At a September 24 forum on environmental issues organized by the Sierra Club, the six Albemarle Board of Supervisors candidates weighed in on a few of the most notable issues in the county. Democrat Norman Dill, independent Lawrence Gaughan and Republican Richard Lloyd, who are running for the Rivanna seat, White Hall incumbent Supervisor Ann […]