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"We cannot grow Virginia's economy by suing scientists," said Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAufliffe, referring to former UVA professor Michael Mann, whose work was the subject of a lawsuit by Ken Cuccinelli. In his campaign speech, McAuliffe stressed job creation, education and his progressive position on social issues. Photo: Courteney Stuart

Clinton stumps and charms in Charlottesville

It may be nearly 13 years since he left the Oval Office, but Bill Clinton can still pack an auditorium. On Wednesday, October 30, Clinton arrived at the Paramount Theater on the Downtown Mall to stump for Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for Virginia governor. With only six days before the election, Clinton, McAuliffe and […]

Virginia's Capitol Building in Richmond. File photo.

The 10 percent man: Just how high can Libertarian Robert Sarvis fly?

Here’s an interesting fact for you to chew on (courtesy of Geoffrey Skelley, posting on Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball blog): The last time an independent candidate came even slightly close to winning Virginia’s governorship was way back 1973, when Henry Howell came within 1.5 percentage points of besting Republican Mills Godwin. The confluence of events […]