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Robert Hurt was a Virginia state senator in 2009. He was elected to Congress in 2010, and will not seek a fourth term.  [Photo via Douglas Graham/Roll Call Photos/Newscom]

Eye on the door: Hurt heading back to Chatham

  Typically when a mid-career politician says he’s not seeking reelection, it means he’s looking at a run for higher office or is involved in a scandal. U.S. Representative Robert Hurt laughs when asked which prompted his decision to not run for a fourth term. “I was first elected in 2000,” the Republican legislator says […]

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And away we go… Everybody back in the pool!

Ah, January in the capitol, when Virginia’s legislators swarm in from all corners of the commonwealth for the annual General Assembly session, bringing along the petty grudges and crackpot bills they’ve managed to generate over the previous year. And every year we sit in anticipation, just waiting for the next intemperate floor speech or ill-considered […]

Ryan McLernan started out on painkillers and his addiction escalated to heroin use. His goal now is to repay his parents for legal expenses and rehab.
Photo Mina Pirasteh

Entrapment trial: Jury rejects task force’s $50 heroin sting

Ryan McLernan admits he’s an addict. But he’s adamant he never sold drugs until another addict—a confidential informant for the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force—asked McLernan if he could help him score. McLernan did, and, six months later, he was indicted for distribution of $50 worth of heroin. The 22-year-old Western Albemarle High graduate […]