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The investigation report of Martese Johnson’s arrest was released after the three arresting ABC agents gave permission. Photo: Bryan Beaubrun

ABC records: released—for the wrong reason?

In a change of heart, Governor Terry McAuliffe released the Virginia State Police investigation report of Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control agents’ March 18 arrest of UVA student Martese Johnson, the bloody image of which went viral. When he initially declined to make the report public, McAuliffe claimed the Freedom of Information Act prohibited […]

Debra Shipp and Sam Towler show a book of digitized, restored marriage bonds from 1780-1785, which Shipp scanned as part of a restoration project.

$300,000 document restoration project costs taxpayers nothing

Debra Shipp, clerk of the Albemarle County Circuit Court, proudly displays a collection of restored marriage licenses bound in sleek, black binders, which she lined on a shelf chronologically from the 1968 all the way back to 1780. The goal of this restoration project—which began back in June 2009—was to digitize, restore and further preserve all […]

The Masked Debater: Jim Gilmore tweets into the void

The Masked Debater: Jim Gilmore tweets into the void

Int. living room—evening A large-screen television flickers, the pale light providing the sole illumination as a thin arm reaches out and flicks ash from a dying cigarette into an empty highball glass. Camera pans back, revealing the worn back of a La-Z-Boy recliner, along with its inhabitant’s other hand, thumb working furiously at the cracked […]