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Tony LaBua, who owns Chaps Ice Cream on the Downtown Mall, says further restrictions should be imposed on street vendors to help level the playing field. Photo by Eze Amos

Street heat: Downtown storefront owner battles vendors

In a progressive town like Charlottesville, the owner of a 31-year-old business on the Downtown Mall says it’s time that equivalent rules and regulations are imposed on downtown storefronts and street vendors alike. His request comes in the form of a petition. “We’re a fast city, man,” says Tony LaBua, the owner of Chaps Ice […]

Because of complications with paperwork, Bryan Silva's sentencing was rescheduled for October 18.
Photo: Charlottesville Police

Bryan Silva’s sentencing delayed

  Bryan Silva appeared in Charlottesville Circuit Court August 17 for sentencing on charges related to a January 3 SWAT standoff, in which the 25-year-old Facebook celebrity barricaded himself inside his Jefferson Park Avenue home for several hours while posting videos of the incident on his social media pages for his thousands of fans to […]

And here in the 5th District, which many thought to be a lock for the elephants,
there are increasingly strong signs that Jane Dittmar has a real shot at reclaiming the seat for the donkeys.
Photo by Eze Amos

Trump is toast: Will the House and Senate follow?

If there’s one thing we love about penning this column, it’s making ridiculously premature predictions. And though we’ve whiffed a few (like that time we opined that Bernie Sanders would “be out of the [primary] race by May at the very latest”), all in all our batting average is enviably high. And so, as we […]