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Jane Dittmar and Tom Garrett answered questions moderator Bob Gibson chose from the audience.
Photo Eze Amos

Let the 5th District debates begin

Congressional candidates Jane Dittmar and Tom Garrett met August 10 for the first of four forums, and the two agreed on several issues—and disagreed on many more. Around 200 people crammed into the Senior Center for the event sponsored by the Senior Statesmen of Virginia (no relation to the center). Democrat Dittmar, a mediator, is […]

Capital defender Jennifer Stanton wants to check out the makeup of the grand jury that indicted Gene Washington.
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Gene Washington’s lawyers want grand jury records

Attorneys for the man charged with the capital murders of a beloved teacher and her daughter in 2014 asked a judge for the grand jury records for the past four years in Charlottesville Circuit Court today. The slayings of Robin Aldridge, 58, a special education teacher with Albemarle County, and 17-year-old Mani, a junior at […]

DeShon Langston got out of prison in 2005 and could vote in Michigan, but not in Virginia. 

Rescinded: Felons who registered to vote do not pass go

For DeShon Langston, having his right to vote restored—and then unrestored—was like having a really nice dream and waking up to reality. That’s his reaction to a 4-3 Supreme Court of Virginia decision July 22 that the state constitution did not give Governor Terry McAuliffe the authority to restore voting rights en masse, as he […]