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Bad idea: Constitution of Virginia author Dick Howard advises against amendments, especially for social and economic issues. Photographed here in 2006, when he warned against the now-unconstitutional definition of marriage amendment.

Legal opinion: Don’t clutter the Constitution of Virginia

Virginia voters will notice two constitutional amendments on the ballot in November, and given past history, they’ll probably pass them, despite legal experts concerns that such amendments clunk up the state constitution. The first amendment on the ballot enshrines an existing right-to-work statute that prohibits employers from requiring union membership. The second allows spouses of […]

Adam Jamerson was caught allegedly fliming a female changing clothes at the Downtown Mall's Urban Outfitters. Staff photo

Urban Outfitters filming scandal

Adam Jamerson, a 25-year-old Buckingham County man, was caught reportedly videotaping a nonconsenting girl while she tried on clothes at the Downtown Mall’s Urban Outfitters around 1pm September 22. The victim brought the incident to the attention of store management who then spoke with Jamerson, says Charlottesville police spokesperson Steve Upman. The victim reported the […]