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Martese Johnson 's lawsuit claims he was "permanently disfigured" during his encounter with ABC agents. Photo: Jackson Smith

ABC officials file motion to dismiss Martese Johnson’s lawsuit

Three ABC agents and its director filed a motion in U.S. District Court November 16 to dismiss all seven claims in UVA student Martese Johnson’s $3 million lawsuit stemming from his encounter with agents last March that left him bloody and needing 10 stitches. Johnson alleges false arrest, excessive force, negligence and battery against special […]

Delegate David Toscano will stick around as House minority leader for at least one more session. Submitted photo

Toscano resigns, reconsiders House minority leader position

Delegate David Toscano made two surprise announcements within two days. On November 12, he sent an e-mail to the Democratic caucus in the House of Delegates saying he was stepping down as minority leader. One day later, he says he changed his mind “when my cell phone blew up with caucus members and federal and […]