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With clues to the menu unveiled at a recent dinner, excitement is building for Junction, Melissa Close-
Hart’s soon-to-open Mexican restaurant in Belmont. Photo: Jeffrey C. Gleason.

New Close-Hart led kitchen to craft modern Mexican cuisine, Hamiltons’ Sandwich Lab whips up a locally sourced banh mi and more local restaurant news

Junction’s function Even chef Melissa Close-Hart seemed surprised when she revealed the concept behind the new Belmont eatery she’s opening with The Local owner Adam Frazier: It’ll be called Junction and serve up modern Mexican with a touch of “cowboy cuisine” thrown in. Close-Hart said she’s never cooked Tex-Mex professionally—hence the surprise—but said it’s something […]

Greg Benish buys whiskey for The Whiskey Jar. Photo: RammelkampFoto.

Whiskey business: Locals keeping up with global demand for aged grain spirits

A “global whiskey renaissance”—that’s what the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States is calling the trend in spirits over the last five years. Domestic and international demand for whiskey—bourbon in particular—has forced some of the largest producers to warn consumers of impending shortages, as demand is significantly outpacing supply. U.S. Whiskey exports topped 1 […]