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Get a taste of east and west at North Garden’s Albemarle Ciderworks on November 22, when it hosts a blind tasting. File photo

An apple a day: Your guide to Virginia Cider Week

Thomas Jefferson must be smiling in his grave right about now. The resurgence of viticulture, agriculture, and hard cider surrounding his homeplace and spanning the breadth of the state is astounding. Virginia has not seen this much activity and excitement about fruit, whether it’s fermenting or not, since the early 1800s. Even during this technological […]

Is necessity the father of invention? Orthopedic surgeons David Heilbronner (pictured) and Bruce Wilhelmsen started Bone Doctors Barbeque Sauce after Heilbronner’s hobby helped raise funds to send his daughter’s soccer team to Italy. Photo: Elli Wiliams

Bone Doctors’ sauce is the best way to slather up

The best embellishments add to—not detract from—whatever it is they’re embellishing. No one knows this better than David Heilbronner and Bruce Wilhelmsen, whose Bone Doctors’ Barbeque Sauce took more than two years to fully develop. Like most good stories, this one has humble beginnings. Seven years ago, Heilbronner’s daughter’s soccer team was raising money for […]