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Mixed manners: Bone up on your bar etiquette

I don’t care if you’re at a speakeasy, a restaurant bar, or a dive—there are unspoken rules of conduct to which one adheres when you belly up to the bar. Many of them can change with the type of joint you’re hanging in for the night, but all have basic codes that are very much appreciated. […]

Chef Peter Chang and Mary Lee go over the menu during a VIP banquet at Peter Chang's China Grill in Charlottesville last week. Photo: Justin Ide.

Peter Chang sneaks back into town to say ‘thank you’

Very few things about prize-winning Szechuan chef Peter Chang are absolutely clear. He has a Wikipedia page, for instance, but it doesn’t list a birthday. Stanley Tucci is reportedly making a film about his life, but until it comes out, every story about him will likely continue to contain words like ‘elusive.’ In the meantime, […]