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Both city and county schools have made pushes to incorporate healthier options at meals. Photo: Tom McGovern

Kid’s menu: Schools offer healthier options

It’s 3:30pm on a Tuesday at Jackson Via Elementary School, and students as young as 5 are biting into fresh Pink Lady apples twice the size of their hands, nodding to one another in approval. They enthusiastically drain small cups of locally pressed apple cider, and several kids raise their hands to ask for a […]

If you like it hot, Milli Joe pour-over brews from varied coffee origins are the way to go. Photo: Ron Paris

Coffee awakening: A comparison of local cups

Pour-over coffee. It’s known for its tea-like flavors, light body and ceremonious process. Each cup takes about five minutes to brew. In the world of coffee, that’s a decidedly snail-like pace. And yet the pour-over method has become the mainstay of hipster, third-wave coffee joints. In many ways it’s transcended its coolness and become the […]