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Now & Zen owner/chef Toshi Sato said he believes the bean sprouts or spinach were to blame for pop-up dinner customers getting sick.  Photo by Elli William

Sick leave: At least 25 get ill from pop-up dinner

A crucial part of learning to be a sushi chef is food safety. So imagine Now & Zen owner/chef Toshi Sato’s horror when he learned that people who attended a special pop-up ramen dinner February 16 at his restaurant got sick. “All my good customers,” he says. “I was terrorized. I didn’t know what caused it. […]

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LIVING Picks: To-do for the week

Nonprofit Carson Raymond Foundation poker tournament This Texas hold ’em poker tournament and casino night benefits the Carson Raymond Foundation, a local organization dedicated to providing elementary school children an opportunity to participate in organized sports. Saturday, February 27. $30-100, 6-11pm. Fry’s Spring Beach Club, 2512 Jefferson Park Ave. 979-1333. carson Health & Wellness Hoop […]