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Mezeh Mediterranean Grill allows you to build your own meal with options such as spicy chicken shawarma or falafel, topped with a variety of additions like Lebanese tabbouleh
and hummus. Photo: Tom McGovern

Casual eatery Mezeh makes its debut in Charlottesville and more local restaurant news

Casual eatery Mezeh makes its debut in Charlottesville Pick your base, pick your protein, pick your veggies—it’s not a new concept by any means. But Charlottesville’s selection of fresh, healthy, build-your-own rice and salad bowls just got bigger, and there’s a new cuisine in the mix: Mediterranean. Introducing Mezeh Mediterranean Grill, a fast, casual restaurant […]

Now & Zen owner/chef Toshi Sato said he believes the bean sprouts or spinach were to blame for pop-up dinner customers getting sick.  Photo by Elli William

Sick leave: At least 25 get ill from pop-up dinner

A crucial part of learning to be a sushi chef is food safety. So imagine Now & Zen owner/chef Toshi Sato’s horror when he learned that people who attended a special pop-up ramen dinner February 16 at his restaurant got sick. “All my good customers,” he says. “I was terrorized. I didn’t know what caused it. […]