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In an attempt to find C'ville's best taco, we put nine to the test. Photo: Tom McGovern

Dig in: Who’s got the best taco in town?

We can’t be the only ones who’ve noticed that Charlottesville’s cuisine scene is trending toward tacos. Even fine dining spot C&O offers a version on its late-night menu. But who would win in a blind battle? We put nine to the test, choosing only restaurants in the city and only those open for lunch, to […]

Photo: Tom McGovern

Let’s eat (cheap)!

It’s hard to resist eating out for every meal in a town like Charlottesville, but ain’t nobody got money for that. So we cooked up a list of our favorite cheap eats—the expected ($3 dumplings at Marco & Luca, obviously) to the not-so-expected (read: grit bowl). They run the cuisine gamut, from Asian to Mexican […]