Fine Arts

The merchandise covers the walls and the tables, and every available inch of space has been decorated with papier mâché trees and Christmas lights at The Bridge PAI’s Gift Forest.

This week finds aliens in the club and gifts in the forest

Throughout last year, I kept hearing the name Guardian Alien. At first I wasn’t at all curious. The band name led me to the assumption that it was “some sort of dubstep or chillwave thing,” and its record sleeve—a watercolor drawing of an alien with dreadlocks, holding a repeating version of the record itself—was easily […]

“Rivanna River Watershed” by artist Kaki Dimock was recently installed along the tracks at the First Street crossing. The Charlottesville Mural Project hopes to produce at least two murals annually.

The Charlottesville Mural Project unveils a tribute to the Rivanna River

On a chilly Friday in late November, Ross McDermott of the Charlottesville Mural Project gathered a large group on the railroad crossing at First Street to dedicate the organization’s newest mural, designed by local artist Kaki Dimock. The mural’s theme is the Rivanna River, a subject originally proposed by Rose Brown of the organization StreamWatch, who […]

Millicent Young’s “Not Known [(un)furl],” composed of grapevine and horse hair is currently on view in her show “Known/Not Known” at Chroma.

Millicent Young seeks a new mythology through primordial totems

I was completely captivated by Millicent Young’s radiant show at Chroma Projects. Composed of horsehair and found wood, Young’s work thrums with nature and speaks to ancient mysteries that our modern selves can only dimly grasp. “The known, the unknown, and the unknowable is a trinity that has been with me a very long time,” […]