Fine Arts

Detail of an encaustic painting by Lindsey Oberg.

C’ville Art Blog: Lindsey Obergs’s encaustic allegories

The dreamlike encaustic collages of Lindsey Oberg currently on display at Mudhouse on the Downtown Mall have a soft, ethereal quality. The medium is unusual, and something not seen very often. It is indicative of an artist who has experimented with and fully understood her medium of choice. Although collage can often become flat and heavy, these […]

a.maze installation at Second Street by Hong Seon Jang. With permission of gallery.

Hong Seong Jang’s mostly tiled floor

Material based sculpture can be immensely captivating, transforming everyday and unexpected objects through scale, quantity, and precision of assembly into breathtaking constructions. The untitled work of Hong Seong Jang currently installed at the Second Street Gallery falls into this category. Like many found object works of art, however, it struggles with the contrast between low quality […]