Fine Arts

Local abstract painter Susan Northington's works are on display at McGuffey Art Center in April. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

April First Fridays Guide

Contemporary artist Susan Northington specializes in capturing her Central Virginia surroundings in exaltations of personal expression. Her abstract interpretations of the Blue Ridge Mountains and flat horizon lines aim to evoke the emotion of a place, rather than the physical reality of location. Northington’s works are currently included in the McGuffey Art Center’s collaborative exhibit […]

Stuart Holman’s upcoming release, Block: The Photobook, is the result of a community-wide photography collaboration that captures perspectives of Charlottesville. Photo: Stuart Holman

Snap and chat: Photo walking meets the streets of Charlottesville

If you ever come across a herd of nerds walking around Charlottesville with expensive-looking cameras, do not fear. They’re just photo walkers. And while their numbers are growing, they’re mostly harmless. Charlottesville has at least two groups that regularly hold photo walks, and the phenomenon has gained worldwide traction. Scott Kelby, considered by some the […]