Fine Arts

Jasper Johns’ “Pinion,” edition 13/36, 1966, is part of an exhibition of print work from the artist better known for his bronze Ballantine Ale cans.

Jasper Johns’ print works bring order to chaos

Now in his eighties, America’s greatest living artist, Jasper Johns, is still recognized as the vanguard who ignored convention to create a new, galvanizing style that brilliantly reflected the spirit and mores of its time. Johns’ far-reaching influence can be discerned in Pop Art, minimalism, and conceptual art movements and it continues to resound in […]

Sanders Bohlke waited 7 years before issuing his second album in 2013. Find out why during his appearance at the Maker’s Series on Friday.

ARTS Pick: The Makers Series

A trifecta of artists will share their work and discuss the creative process in the second edition of The Makers Series. During a dedicated Q&A session you’ll hear about indie folk heartthrob Sanders Bohlke’s soulful inspiration, learn how animals and houses inspire painter Kaki Dimock’s whimsical landscapes, and gain insight into children’s writer Anne Marie […]