Fine Arts

Simultaneously an artist and a teacher, Ryan Trott reminds us all that art can’t be contained in a classroom but should be shared throughout our city. Photo credit: Amanda Finn

Teacher and artist Ryan Trott loosens up the creative process

The day after Labor Day, Ryan Trott will return to the classrooms and hallways where he teaches art to local elementary school students. Under his guidance, they’ll learn about masterworks and fine art techniques; he’ll lead them in exercises to spur imagination and develop creativity. And when asked how he spent his summer vacation, Trott […]

Justin Poe’s tiny architectural landscape sculptures are on exhibition in “Parvum” at Pigment showroom through August 10. Image courtesy of the artist

Sculptor Justin Poe creates landscapes in minature

You don’t often see sculptors in the library at work on invisible projects, but Justin Poe is an exception. “When I started out, I did these 2″ x 3″ wide sculptures, and I carried everything around in my backpack,” said the Charlottesville-based artist. “I worked in public, in libraries and restaurants, and got a lot […]