Richard and Ena Franco Aguilar at their home in Southwood Mobile Home Park. John Robinson photo.

The other border: Immigration policy divides Latino community

I arrived at Southwood Mobile Home Park through the back entrance, an unmarked driveway off Old Lynchburg Road just past the Albemarle County Police Department offices. It’s so easy to miss that, even though I’d been there before, I drove past the turn and had to double back to catch the narrow access road, which leads […]

Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, Richard Ayoade, and Vince Vaughn buddy up to protect the neighborhood in The Watch. (Twentieth Century Fox)

The Watch; R, 98 minutes; Regal Downtown Mall 6

Do not think that just because its name was changed, the movie formerly known as Neighborhood Watch has in any way been neutered. Granted, it does have some fertility issues, even within the plot, but those were there to begin with. You can rest assured that The Watch, as it’s now called, takes the maintenance […]