Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell play fast and loose with the political system in The Campaign.

Film review: The Campaign

The agenda of director Jay Roach’s new movie is obviously not to mine the finer nuances of American electoral procedures. This might come as a shock or a relief, depending on whether you go into The Campaign remembering Roach as the politically-minded maker of HBO’s Recount and Game Change or you only know him from […]

UVA neurosurgeon Neal Kassell has given up the OR in favor of working to advance a surgical technology he says could be the most important medical device development since the invention of the scalpel—and he’s building a new research funding model in the process. Photo courtesy of UVA Medical Center.

Ultrasound foundation speeds medical advances

Seven years ago this month, Dr. Neal Kassell had an epiphany. The UVA neurosurgeon was struggling with the challenge of treating certain brain tumors too deep for the knife and too big for targeted radiation. At the same time, he was researching how to use sound waves to measure blood flow in the brain. During […]

Editor’s Note: The new c-ville.com

Editor’s Note: The new c-ville.com

We launched a new website today. People are launching new websites every day, but it’s a big deal for us as a print-focused media company that’s been on the same online platform since 2006. I arrived at the paper last year from a digital startup in a small market that used WordPress and harnessed community-sourced […]