Image: Hamner Theater

ARTS Pick: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Saturday & Sunday 8/25 & 8/26 Behold the night Theater and wine go way back. The first known festivals were held in celebration of Dionysus, and what better way to enjoy Shakespeare than on the grounds of a picturesque vineyard whilst sipping on your preferred varietal? In the intrepid fashion for which it has come […]

Dean Maupin completed his purchase of the C&O on June 4, but don’t worry—no big changes are in store. Photo: Andrea Hubbell

Always warm, always charming, always C&O

Inside the C&O’s big wooden door, it was cool and dark and reminiscent of lovely evenings spent there—some for occasions, others for a final drink on a night I wasn’t ready to end. Volumes could be filled with patrons’ stories, but it was those of proprietor Dave Simpson (who’s eminently quotable, but especially on the […]

Illustration: Thomas James

We love this town: Feels like home to me

Prior to graduating from college, my assumption was that entering adulthood meant settling down with a full-time job and a husband, maybe some kids. Turns out, transitioning into a full-fledged adult takes time. My college years were blessed with wonderful roommates. With the exception of the fluke semester I spent in a dorm with a […]