UVA President Teresa Sullivan speaks with reporters on August 21. Photo: Graelyn Brashear.

Sullivan speaks with press on Carr’s Hill

It was hard not to draw comparisons yesterday when UVA President Teresa Sullivan met with reporters on Carr’s Hill—her first press conference since she was forced out and then reinstated this summer. Back in June, managing a press corps swollen with TV and print journalists from Washington and beyond became several staffers’ full-time jobs. There […]

UVA graduate Anna Greenlee wears a rubber glove when handling her rough-skinned newts, each of which contains enough toxin in its skin to kill 12 grown men. Photo by Laura Ingles.

Young UVA researchers share their labs’ hidden treasures

Tucked away in a chilly corner room in Gilmer Hall are rows of plastic aquariums, each home to a rough-skinned newt with enough toxin in its skin to kill up to 12 grown men. The poisonous amphibians are just one example of research quietly moving forward on Grounds thanks to the work of young, passionate […]