Illustration by Matt Pamer.

A stay at home dad finds support online

After my first son was born some four years ago, I briefly thought about starting a blog to document staying home with him, but then dismissed the idea. I wasn’t yet ready to “come out” as a stay at home dad, but when my wife became pregnant again two years later, it was finally time […]

C&O owner Dave Simpson and a team of oenophiles are making their way through the 6,000-bottle treasure trove Elaine Futhey left behind after retiring two months ago. Photo: Andrea Hubbell

A changing of the guard in C&O’s cellar

No story on the C&O would be complete without mention of its wine cellar. We’ve crowned the calligraphied list Best of C-VILLE seven-plus years running and it’s won Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence every year since 1996. But regulars will notice a gaping hole in the list next time they visit—the person who (literally) wrote […]

Photo: permission of Virginia Craft Brewers Fest

Live Music at the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest

The beloved annual music festival known as The Festy Experience doesn’t get underway until October, but those who can’t wait can get an early taste can do this Saturday, August 25th as the Devils Backbone Brewing Company hosts the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest, where four Virginia bands will play while music-lovers and beer aficionados sample […]