Photo: Marcy Drewes

Off the shelf: Encouraging imagination in a preschooler’s home

Drawings of ponies and dragons frolic across the glass of the large picture window that faces the front of 4-year-old Makenzie Lee’s home. The word pony is written in red washable glass marker. The Fontaine-area duplex is tidy and decorated with brightly colored accents, Makenzie’s mom Chelsea’s sea-creature themed paintings and, now, Kenzie’s window drawings. […]

Convicted murderer George Huguely is escorted into the Charlottesville Circuit Court to receive his final sentence. Photo: John Robinson

George Huguely faces 23 years in prison

After hearing three hours’ worth of testimony from family, friends, teammates, even a Catholic priest, Judge Edward L. Hogshire made his final decision and sentenced convicted murderer George Huguely to 23 years in prison, reduced from the jury recommended sentence of 25 years for second degree murder and one year for grand larceny. Several of […]