File photo.

Fig out! Savory and sweet is this feast-worthy fruit

Fresh figs, worshipped by cultures worldwide since 4000BC, are proof that there’s a higher being. Looks deceive, until rough skin the color of a bruise gives way to a shiny geode-like interior. Figs’ texture is anything but structural though—they quiver when you cut them and their delicate seeds crunch ever so slightly between your teeth. […]

Skiiers at Wintergreen Resort. File photo.

New Wintergreen owner to invest $12 million in upgrades

Wintergreen announced today that new owner Justice Companies will be investing $12 million in infrastructure and facilities improvements at the resort over the next 16 months. The first improvements, a five-million-gallon raw water storage tank and pumping station, will come from an initial $6 million that will be invested in cooperation with the Nelson County […]

A detail from a McIntire Park East planning diagram circulated earlier this year. Photo: City of Charlottesville

City approves master plan for east side of McIntire Park

It’s been over a year in the making, and City Council finally voted on it: the master plan for the eastern side of McIntire Park. Citizens have shown up for meeting after meeting to express concerns about golf, gardens, soccer fields, and skate parks, and after several presentations and revisions, Tuesday night Council adopted a […]