Live From the DNC: Making Arithmetic Swing

Live From the DNC: Making Arithmetic Swing

As you may have heard, Bill Clinton knocked the socks off the crowd in Time Warner Arena on Wednesday night. I thought I’d grown immune to  adrenaline rushes from political speeches, but by the end of that one, when Obama materialized and the entire audience rose screaming, I was feeling it. I will even admit […]

The Madwoman Project

ARTS Pick: The Madwoman Project

Hearkening back to the days of the traveling theater troupe, director and local theatrical polymath Kay Ferguson’s The Madwoman Project brings the play to you. She strips off all the unnecessary baggage for an entirely portable gypsy clown carnival, playing out its first act amid the crowds on the Downtown Mall, and parading the show back to […]

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Fig out! Savory and sweet is this feast-worthy fruit

Fresh figs, worshipped by cultures worldwide since 4000BC, are proof that there’s a higher being. Looks deceive, until rough skin the color of a bruise gives way to a shiny geode-like interior. Figs’ texture is anything but structural though—they quiver when you cut them and their delicate seeds crunch ever so slightly between your teeth. […]