At Madwoman, lunatics are running the asylum with love

At Madwoman, lunatics are running the asylum with love

If you’ve been on the Mall much recently, you’ve likely come across The Madwoman Project. It’s hard to miss. Fifteen minutes or so before the show gets started, a pink-haired girl (Opal Lechmanski) can be found methodically sweeping the square created by the Third Street intersection. The subtlety of her peculiarity, her cobbled-together skirt, her Sisyphean […]

The Whiskey Jar doubles down on its live music offerings with a trio of residencies. Photo: John Robinson.

Reclusive Erik the Red signs on for a residency

When The Whiskey Jar opened in February at the west end of the Downtown Mall, it came as something of a surprise. After all, Escafé had held down that spot for 17 years and several owners, before a recent relocation. Seven months later, The Whiskey Jar has become a reliable regular destination for many Mall-goers. […]

Legal Aid Justice Center’s Doug Ford led a presentation on Deferred Action and answered questions from concerned local immigrants. Photo: John Robinson

Obama’s Deferred Action plan attracts Latinos’ attention

Undocumented residents across the country are flocking to legal offices to discuss and apply for Deferred Action status, a recently approved administrative program that temporarily protects young immigrants from deportation. Congress has repeatedly rejected the DREAM Act, which would have provided a path to citizenship for immigrants who came to the United States illegally before […]