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Bake ’N Bike will deliver chocolate-chip scones and handmade cards on Valentine’s Day. The event’s proceeds will provide bicycles to those in need. Photo: Courtesy Community Bikes

Sweet gifts: Bake ’N Bike helps spread the love

On Valentine’s Day, keep an eye out for a bunch of Cupids zipping around town on bicycles. They’ll be dressed in zany costumes—pink capes and red tutus, or even in a giant diaper with wings—and delivering warm, heart-shaped chocolate-chip scones and handmade cards to doorsteps all over Charlottesville. Some of them might even sing to […]

Photo: Courtesy of The Ladd Company/Entertainment Pictures

ARTS Pick: Blade Runner

With Harrison Ford’s name buzzing thanks to the new Star Wars release, and director Ridley Scott’s The Martian up for a Best Picture Oscar, the time is right to revisit Blade Runner. Although the 1982 sci-fi flick portrays a vision of 2019 that now seems far-fetched, it’s easy to get lost in the dystopian world […]