Got paperbacks to unload? McIntire Recycling Center's book swap is one option. File photo.

Ask Betty: Local guru answers your green living questions

Teri Kent runs Charlottesville’s Better World Betty, a non-profit organization and online resource for locals looking to shrink their impact on the environment. Betty—Kent’s ’50s-housewife-meets-earth-goddess alter ego—will answer the most burning eco-questions from our readers every month. Send your own queries about energy use, water, waste and recycling, transportation, and green buying to betty@betterworldbetty.org. Question: […]

County staff are pushing for more native plants, which attract more diversity in pollinators and are surprisingly easy to grow, to be sold in the area.

Native plant symposium encourages nurseries to go local

Native plants are hard to find, so gardeners don’t buy them. Nobody buys them, so suppliers don’t stock them. Nobody sells them, so farmers have no reason to grow them. It’s a vicious circle that Albemarle County staff is trying to remedy. Four months after the county published its native plants online database, Water Resources […]