YMCA Child Care Learning Center Director Ikeia Prince has been anxiously awaiting the move into five large classrooms at the Jefferson School City Center, and said it opens up entirely new possibilities for kids and teachers. Photo: John Robinson

Jefferson School reopens as cultural community center

The new Jefferson School City Center officially opened its doors to the public on Monday, January 7, kicking off a costly and hopeful experiment to preserve local history and provide services for underserved communities close to Downtown. After a year-and-a-half of renovations, the center is offering an African American heritage center and other cultural, multi-generational […]

Maxed out: Western Albemarle and Albemarle high schools are set to exceed their enrollment capacity sooner than county officials anticipated.

County schools look ahead to looming crowding issues

As the Albemarle County Public School District works to find a short-term fix to overcrowding at two local elementary schools, parents and officials are eyeing a capacity crunch down the line. The writing is on the wall: When the ever-growing classes of school kids across the county hit ninth grade, the county will face costly […]