C'erra Rhodes recently led students through a course in soldering, which she learned to do at Computers4Kids. Photo: Elli Williams

Mentor shift: When the student becomes the expert operator

Most kids use their Wii remotes to race cars or battle bad guys while playing games on their TV. C’erra Rhodes uses hers to teach other middle school-age girls how to solder metal. The 13-year-old created a “Wiimote” as a project through Computers4Kids in Charlottesville, an organization that teaches tech skills to middle and high […]

Fifth graders at Tandem Friends School learn basic poses in preparation for next year, when they’ll have regular yoga practices incorporated into PE classes.  Staff photo

UVA student introduces yoga to local PE classes

At 9am on Monday, when most of us were grumbling about returning to the office, a small group of fifth graders was spreading yoga mats out on a gym floor, taking deep breaths, and preparing for a short yoga session. UVA third year, athlete, and practicing yogi Bennett Reck led the kids through a 15-minute […]