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Nicholas Hoult plays a zombie in conflict with his urge to binge on brains and the stirring in his dead heart.

Film Review: Warm Bodies

What Warm Bodies has that most other zombie flicks don’t is the zombie’s story. Our narrator, R (Nicholas Hoult), is a zombie. He doesn’t know why he’s a zombie. He just knows he is. He also knows he’s different from most other zombies. He collects things, like vinyl records. He tries to make friends, and has one in M (Rob Corddry).

Rodriguez from "Searching for Sugar Man," photo by Hal Wilson, courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.

Film review: Music documentaries to get lost in

Non-sequitur alert: Now that the wretched Super Bowl is over, let’s discuss music documentaries. There are two reasons I’m thinking about music documentaries. First, 2012 was a great year for them. Searching for Sugar Man—which is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature—gets my vote for the best nonfiction narrative film of last […]

Jeremy Renner finds himself in a fairy tale nightmare and loaded for bear on a hunt for witches and dignity.

Film review: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Is this movie a comedy? Horror? A—gasp!—drama? Why does Jeremy Renner play Hansel for laughs? Why does Gemma Arterton play Gretel straight, but occasionally for laughs? Why is Famke Janssen so, so, so serious? For that matter, why is she covered in hideous make-up for the most of the movie when she has such an exquisite face?