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Tyrese Gibson (above) is flying high in the sixth installment of the quippy, car crash thriller franchise Fast & Furious 6. Universal Pictures.

Film Review: Fast & Furious 6 is big, dumb summertime fun

Wow. Where does one begin? The insipid dialogue? Paul Walker’s non-presence? A plot that makes almost no sense? Stunts that defy the laws of physics? Nah. Let’s start here: I can’t believe how much fun I had watching Fast & Furious 6. Don’t get me wrong. It’s so absurd and stupid that it doesn’t really […]

Workers hang images of wildlife photographer Tim Laman's work to open the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph. Image: Tami Keaveny

Birds in TREES: The annual LOOK3 Festival Of The Photograph begins

One of Charlottesville’s most anticipated springtime events began today with the hanging of the LOOK3 TREES exhibit.  The installation has kicked off Charlottesville’s LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph since it began in 2007. “It’s really our coming out party,” said LOOK3’s managing director, Andrew Owen. LOOK3 attracts an estimated attendance of 25,000 artists and observers […]