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Andrea Kavanagh from Washington, D.C.’s D-CLAW competes as Amy Smackhouse in the lady arm wrestling documentary CLAW. Each wrestler has an entourage that solicits bets from the crowd, exchanging real money for “CLAW bucks,” which eventually benefit a charity. Bribery is encouraged, and the referee’s calls prioritize humor and shenanigans over sporting or fairness.

The CLAW documentary reaches beyond local audiences

When the Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers held its first match in the back room of the Blue Moon Diner in February of 2008, few dreamed it would become a nationwide movement. CLAW began as an all-women’s arm wrestling competition, initiated by Jennifer Tidwell and Jodie Plaisance, in which the stereotype of women as weak is […]

Album reviews: Stoney, Jess Novak, States

Album reviews: Stoney, Jess Novak, States

Stoney More Than Animals/Self-released More Than Animals is an eclectic, largely engaging album. If you like your British singer-songwriters with a little bit of swagger, then Stoney’s your guy. “Sweet Release” is a raucous piece of pop rock, and driving numbers like “The Score” crank up the energy. “Devil on My Back” is a groovy […]

Amy Adams and Joaquin Phoenix co-star in Her, a movie about the plausibility of a user falling in love with his operating system.

Film review: Her

It’s the sort of utopian, not-too-distant future. Men wear high-waisted pants and mustaches without irony. Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his operating system. It sounds crazy. And creepy. Though how far are we from that reality? We’re already in love with our gadgets. Why shouldn’t it be plausible that someone invents an operating system […]