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Brian Wimer (right) has his hand in two of this year’s Virginia Film Festival features. He is the co-director of CLAW, and stars in the werewolf road movie Faux Paws. Image: Douglas Bari

Filmmaker and actor Brian Wimer on freedom in expression

“There’s a point in Peter Pan when Peter and Wendy are pretending to be parents to the Lost Boys. Peter says, ‘Are we playing or is this real?’ Wendy says, ‘Oh it’s a game, but it’s real.’ Eventually Peter says, ‘I’m tired of playing this game, let’s play a different one.’ But that’s the reality […]

The documentary on local heroines of arm wrestling, CLAW, gets a primetime screening on Saturday at the Paramount. Image: courtesy of VFF

The Virginia Film Festival spotlights up-and-coming filmmakers

The red carpets are rolling out as the Virginia Film Festival returns for its twenty-sixth year. While the schedule once again offers the caliber of cinematic fare, guests, and events that have made it a local institution, this year’s line-up distinguishes itself by beefing up the local and independent offerings with more slots for undiscovered […]

Alfred Hitchcock was so taken with Tippi Hedren that he personally trained her as an actress, followed her, and pressured her for sex. When Hedren shunned his obsessive attention, he disowned her and referred to her only as “the girl.” Photo credit: Snap/

A conversation with Hitchcock ingénue Tippi Hedren

Last year’s HBO film The Girl depicted the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, and his discovery of Tippi Hedren, who went under contract with Hitch in 1961 and starred in his films The Birds and Marnie. The movie revealed the director’s obsessive desire to control and seek favor from his “ice cool […]