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Alfred Hitchcock was so taken with Tippi Hedren that he personally trained her as an actress, followed her, and pressured her for sex. When Hedren shunned his obsessive attention, he disowned her and referred to her only as “the girl.” Photo credit: Snap/

A conversation with Hitchcock ingénue Tippi Hedren

Last year’s HBO film The Girl depicted the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, and his discovery of Tippi Hedren, who went under contract with Hitch in 1961 and starred in his films The Birds and Marnie. The movie revealed the director’s obsessive desire to control and seek favor from his “ice cool […]

Wesley Harris has helped shape the Virginia Film Festival into an attractive forum for major studios to test an intelligent audience.

VFF programmer Wesley Harris stays focused on film integrity

Program and operations manager Wesley Harris has served on the staff of the Virginia Film Festival since 2005. He started as an intern (for this writer) and was promoted to program coordinator while increasingly taking on more of the programming responsibilities. Along the way he helped refine the creative direction as the festival’s goals shifted […]

Alpine climber Mark Synnott talks about his precarious climbing adventures in the North Face Speaker Series’ Off the Map at the Jefferson.

ARTS Pick: Off the Map

Professional rock climber Mark Synnott has spent a large portion of his life hanging by callused fingertips from some of the most remote cliffs and rock faces in the world. Off the Map features Synnott in the North Face Speaker Series telling personal stories about reaching incredible peaks, from glassy ice walls in the arctic […]