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Album reviews: Wetwood Smokes, Jason Burke, The Falling Birds

Album reviews: Wetwood Smokes, Jason Burke, The Falling Birds

Wetwood Smokes Earth Tones & Red/Self-released This Southern California-based rock trio has released a gem of a debut. Mixing rock and pop together with the precision and skill of a veteran act, Wetwood Smokes makes quite a statement with this release. The swelling piano pop of “I Am the One” is college radio perfect, while […]

Tom Cruise makes a solid rebound and Emily Blunt holds her own when they team up to fight an alien invasion in Edge of Tomorrow. Publicity photo

Edge of Tomorrow succeeds on teamwork and smarts

It’s not unreasonable to imagine that Tom Cruise, perhaps the last of the old school movie stars, had lost it. He hasn’t had a bona fide hit since 2011 with Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol, and as good as some of that movie is, it certainly coasts on the strength of being part of a big franchise. […]

Jon Favreau (shown here alongside Sofia Vergara) wrote, directed, and stars in Chef, a foodie friendly big screen comedy about restaurant career navigation. Publicity photo

Jon Favreau’s Chef is predictable and pleasing

Sometimes it’s nice to see a nice movie. “Nice” is a bad word—it’s usually reserved for people who are inoffensive but undatable or your grandmother’s ruminations on her flower garden—but occasionally the word just works. “Nice” is a good description of Chef, writer-director Jon Favreau’s return to smaller stories after the gargantuan (and flat, and […]