Lee Park’s Robert E. Lee monument was the last local Confederate statue erected in Charlottesville. It shows the general atop his favorite war horse, Traveller, and was unveiled during a Confederate reunion in May 1924. The monument was started by Henry M. Shrady, who asked to be sent a slew of Confederate cannons to melt as bronze for the casting of the statue, and was finished by Leo Lentelli after Shrady died. Rammelkamp Foto

Can the statue be moved? Not just a local issue

The Charlottesville park bounded by Jefferson, North First, Market and North Second streets isn’t the only Lee Park under heavy scrutiny. Last July, a group of folks in Dallas led a demonstration at Oak Lawn’s Lee Park to demand that a General Robert E. Lee statue be removed and the park renamed. Activists felt called […]

Surveillance video images helped lead to the arrest of Jesse Matthew, who pleaded guilty last week to murdering UVA student Hannah Graham, after footage showed he was with her the night she disappeared. Tuel Jewelers’ Mary Loose DeViney says she shares images from the store’s video surveillance with the police department but would cease to if she learned the images were being used for something other than police investigations.

Longo’s legacy: Cameras coming to a mall and cop near you

Much to the dismay of a local civil libertarian, outgoing Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo will finally get the surveillance cameras on the Downtown Mall he’s long desired. Hardware estimates fell from their previous high of $300,000, and the police surveillance system nine years in the making has finally won the support of City Council. […]