Best of C-VILLE

Best shoe repair service 2013: Ace Shoe Repair

Ace Shoe Repair 230 Zan Rd. 973-9011 Runner-up: Bob’s Leather & Shoe Repair 1718 Hydraulic Rd. 978-2983 When the Downtown Mall’s bricks were replaced four years ago, it was in no small part due to complaints from high heel-loving ladies—walking Downtown was a minefield of holes ready to swallow pumps. We’d imagine around that […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best place for a man’s suit: JoS. A. Bank

JoS. A. Bank Barracks Road Shopping Center 244-0015 Runner-up: Men’s Wearhouse Charlottesville Fashion Square Mall 29th Place 973-8094 Fitting a suit is a fine science. Shoulder width, chest size, and arm length have to perfectly sync up to ensure that you look less like George Costanza and more like George Clooney when you […]

Best psychologist/counselor 2013: Susan Cunningham

Susan Cunningham 3101 Fontaine Ave. Ext. 989-4620 Runner-up: David Mika 535 Westfield Rd. 978-2899 Here’s one of life’s cruel ironies: If you have a fear of words, you have what’s called hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. When you’re a naturally anxious person, this kind of fact can really bog you down, which is why readers turn to Susan […]