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Best live DJ 2013: DJ Stroud

DJ Stroud Runner-up: Derek Tobler A little-known fact about DJ Stroud? In addition to his love of music, he’s also an avid surfer with a collection of about 15 surfboards and paddleboards. There’s an obvious connection between ocean waves and sound waves, so we’re not surprised his passion for both thrills lands him […]

Best chef 2013: Michael Keaveny at tavola

Best chef 2013: Michael Keaveny at tavola

Michael Keaveny at tavola 826 Hinton Ave. 972-9463 Runner-up: Angelo Vangelopoulos at Ivy Inn 2244 Old Ivy Rd. 977-1222 Once upon a time, a chef’s hat had 100 pleats to signify that he know how to prepare eggs 100 ways. You won’t see a traditional chef’s hat on winner Michael Keaveny (in fact, […]

Photo: Sarah Jane Winter

Best pilates teacher 2013: Kate Nesbitt

Kate Nesbitt Runner-up: Robin Truxel A lover of movement in many forms, Kate Nesbitt got her start in Pilates in 1980 as a treatment for a dance injury (she studied ballet and modern). She opened Pilates Virginia in 2000, making it one of the oldest Pilates studios in town. Robin Truxel takes the runner-up spot. […]