Best of C-VILLE

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best local grocery store 2013: Whole Foods

Whole Foods 1797 Hydraulic Rd. 973-4900 Runner-up: C’ville Market 221 Carlton Rd. 984-0545 We probably should have been a bit more specific when we said “local grocery store,” because while Whole Foods is indeed inside city limits, it’s not locally owned. Still, its appeal is undeniable—a commitment to natural foods free of growth […]

Best plastic surgeon 2013: Victoria Vastine

Victoria Vastine 600 Peter Jefferson Pkwy. #270 654-8920 Runner-up: Stephen Park 415 Ray C. Hunt Dr. 924-2153 Plastic surgery sure has come a long way: For the very first nose job, performed in 600 B.C., wooden tubes were placed inside the nose to keep air passage open during healing. These days, that procedure […]

Photo: Eric Kelley

Kenny Ball: Pounding pavement

“Nothing has ever been planned in my life,” said Kenny Ball. When Ball arrived in Charlottesville in the 1980s for a job working with and showing horses, he never dreamed that 30 years later he’d own a successful antiques shop and be training with the area’s top marathon runners. He’s passionate about everything he does, […]