Best of C-VILLE

Photo: John Robinson

Best place to buy beer 2013: Beer Run

Beer Run 156 Carlton Rd. #203 984-2337 Runner-up: Market Street Wineshops 311 E. Market St. 305 Rivanna Plaza Dr., Suite 102 964-9463 Tucked into what’s essentially a mini mall on industrial Carlton Avenue, Beer Run doesn’t look like the kind of place you’d find 400-plus different kinds of beer. But it is—and with […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best vintage clothing store 2013: Vintage Vixen

Vintage Vixen 300 E. Market St. 244-0778 Runner-up: Glad Rags 1923 Commonwealth Dr. 979-1816 Coco Chanel famously said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Readers know that in order to achieve both of those things, they need to go vintage. After all, you can’t do “classic” without “class,” right? Vintage […]

Photo: Dan Addison

Best brewery 2013: Blue Mountain Brewery

Blue Mountain Brewery 9519 Critzer Shop Rd. (Afton) (540) 456-8020 Runner-up: Devils Backbone Brewing Company 200 Mosbys Run (Roseland) 361-1001 The ancient Babylonians took beer so seriously that if you brewed a bad batch, you were drowned in it. Luckily, that punishment is seriously outdated. Though, even if it wasn’t, that wouldn’t matter—there’s never a […]