Best of C-VILLE

Photo: Dan Addison

Best outdoor dining 2013: Blue Mountain Brewery

Blue Mountain Brewery 9519 Critzer Shop Rd. (Afton) (540) 456-8020 Runner-up: MAS 501 Monticello Rd. 979-0990 Negative 128.6 degrees Fahrenheit is the coldest temperature ever recorded, taken at the Russian research station in Vostok, Antarctica in 1983. Fortunately, temps at the Nelson County brewery, which you say is the best seat in town, never […]

Photo: John Robinson

Best bar 2013: Whiskey Jar

Whiskey Jar 227 W. Main St. 202-1549 Runner-up: Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar 422 E. Main St. 202-7728 Omigosh, you guys. I love you. I love you like soooo much. And you know what else? I love Whiskey Jar. I like drinkin’ all the whiskey, and I like the live music, and, like, I […]

Best architect 2013: VMDO

VMDO 200 E. Market St. 296-5684 Runner-up: Wolf Ackerman 110B Second St. NE #201 296-4848 There are 403 steps from the foundation to the top floor of the torch in the Statue of Liberty. That’s the kind of information that’s pertinent to someone interested in architecture. For the average person, what’s more important […]