Best of C-VILLE

Best of C-VILLE 2015: Shopping

Best of C-VILLE 2015: Shopping

Vintage clothing store Duo Runner-up: Twice is Nice Honorable mention: Low Generally speaking, any clothing item from 20 years before the present day can fall into the “vintage” category. Which means that, while those denim flares you’ve kept since ’92 are cool again, you won’t be able to sell them to Duo, the new and used […]

Honesty is always the best policy at Airport Road Auto Center, where "reputation by recommendation" drives business. Photo: Martyn Kyle

Best of C-VILLE 2015: Entertainment

Music act Sons of Bill Runner-up: Love Canon Honorable mention: Chamomile & Whiskey They’ve been called Charlottesville “sonic royalty,” and nearly a decade after the Wilson brothers Sam, Abe and James formed the Americana band and named it in honor of their father, retired UVA theology professor William Wilson, they’re still going strong and gaining […]