Gina and Mark Thompson want the Brewing Tree Company to be an inviting spot for locals looking for good beer. Photo by Jeffery Gleason.

Virginia craft beer pioneer focuses on the people

By Jenny Gardiner and Sashank Sankar It seems that thinking small is the key for Charlottesville native Mark Thompson and his wife, Gina, who recently opened Brewing Tree Beer Company on the Brew Ridge Trail, in Nelson County. Thompson, who co-founded Starr Hill Brewery (the second-oldest craft brewery in the state) nearly 20 years ago […]

Hunter Smith, founder of Champion Brewing Company, says the new city brewery regulation could “disincentivize someone from locating in Charlottesville in the first place if they are going to be hamstrung down the road.” Photo by Eze Amos

City regulations could have an effect on new breweries

Breweries have been popping up around Charlottesville like mushrooms after a rain. About a dozen beer producers are now located within an easy drive from town. But curiously, only four breweries are actually located within the city’s limits: Champion, South Street, Three Notch’d and—the newest addition in September—Random Row. In the middle of a regional […]