Student work shines at Light House Youth Film Festival

Student work shines at Light House Youth Film Festival

On Friday, September 7th, Light House Studios will present a Youth Film Festival. The festival will showcase a selection of video work made by Light House students over the past year, including the Iranian Job, the winner of last November’s Adrenaline Film Festival (in which the Light House students were the youngest participants).

“I’m so proud of them” says Light House mentor Jason Robinson. “I remember all of these projects when they were all just kids brainstorming, so it’s been really cool to see them come into existence. There’s a lot of great stuff this year,” including a music video (for Sarah White), a found-footage film, and four documentaries, including two made in collaboration with the Music Resource Center and the International Rescue Committee.

The screening will take place at the Jefferson Theater on Friday evening, with a reception at 6:30 followed by the screening at 8:00. “Our screening room is so small, it will be great for the students to see their work on a big screen at the Jefferson. It feels more real to them,” adds Robinson. “They showed these films to their parents at the end of the class, but parents are a really easy audience – it will be more rewarding for them to hear the reactions of a mixed crowd, to hear that total strangers liked their work.”

Tickets are $75 for adults, but only $10 for those under 18.