“She’s Got the Look,” “Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry,” “Weeds”


“She’s Got the Look”

Wednesday, 10pm, TV Land

TV Land’s modeling competition for women of a certain age (over 35, that is) returns for its third season. Original host Kim Alexis is out, replaced by omnipresent TV hostess Brooke Burns, whose pinched looks and irritating voice I’ve never appreciated. The judging panel’s biggest name, pioneering supermodel Beverly Johnson, has also left the catwalk. Her seat will be filled by former model and “icon” Roshumba Williams. Oh, please. I know from icons, and a C-grade ex-VH1 veejay hardly qualifies (although she is very pretty). The crop of would-be models looks good, and there appears to be plenty of drama courtesy of house mean girl, Jocelyn, and sparkplug Southern lawyer Julie.

“Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry”

Wednesday, 10pm, Investigation Discovery

This documentary series reminds me a bit of “Unsolved Mysteries,” but a lot less creepy and with a bizarre, nearly chipper take on some fairly disturbing subject matter. (Robert Stack, you are missed.) Each episode tells the story of an unsuspecting spouse who discovered that the person he or she married was a big ol’ liar. One woman’s Cuban expat husband was, in fact, a Communist spy. One woman was shocked to learn that her stockbroker husband had not only been fired from his lucrative job, but was making bacon by robbing banks. And another woman is…Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Yes, the show has an entire episode devoted to the victim of the Long Island Lolita. (I think we can all agree that Mary Jo wins the Crappy Husband Sweepstakes.) The idea of the show is interesting, and some of the subjects engrossing, but the chirpy narration and laughable reenactments are a total buzzkill.


Monday, 10pm, Showtime

The bad news: Elizabeth Perkins’ scene-stealing Celia Hodes is off the show. Boo! The good news: After two uneven seasons mired in the Mexican drug (and sex) trade, the Botwin clan is on the road again, fleeing after teenaged Shane “helped” the family by murdering a crime lord with a croquet mallet. Kids today. The previews suggest that Nancy (Mary Louise Parker) and her family will end up working in a hotel, and reentering the lucrative marijuana-dealing career that started her on this insane path to begin with. Look for guest spots by a Linda “Terminator” Hamilton and Richard Dreyfuss.