“Project Runway,” “Sister Wives,” “The Making of Jackass 3D”


“Project Runway” 

Thursday 9pm, Lifetime

We’re getting close to Fashion Week, and overall I think the Season 8 designers have acquitted themselves adequately. All of the remaining contestants have the potential to put together solid final collections, although I’m specifically pulling for hyper-creative Andy and goth pixie Mondo. I’m fairly certain the third spot will go to Gretchen, who has commanded this season with her dull, passé outfits beloved by the judges and her totally obnoxious bully/know-it-all personality. How about you shut your mouth for five seconds and make another caftan or granny sweater, Gretchen? The cast of “The Golden Girls” says it’s chilly in heaven. (Sorry to take your name in vain, Beasus Arthur.) Anyway, Mondo FTW. And can this show please move back to Bravo already? Lifetime has sucked all the cool out of it. 


“Sister Wives” 

Sunday 10pm, TLC

Because the disasters profiled on “Intervention” and “Hoarders” weren’t enough, TLC has rolled out its latest sideshow/trainwreck. “Sister Wives” is essentially a documentary version of HBO’s “Big Love,” in that it chronicles modern American polygamy. The show follows Kody Brown, his three wives, and their 13 children (during the course of the series Kody meets and marries his four wife, who has three kids of her own). The Browns say they did a reality series to bring polygamy out of the closet. Of course, there is one small problem: Bigamy is illegal, and immediately after the premiere, police in Utah opened a criminal investigation into the family. How could anyone have seen that coming? Oh, right. Everybody did.


“The Making of Jackass 3D” 

Sunday 10pm, MTV

In the early ’00s the “Jackass” boys, led by Johnny Knoxville, put themselves through the most horrifying, stupidest stunts you could imagine, many of them going horribly awry. And lo, it was awesome. The show ended after three seasons before heading to the big screen for two movies that took things even further (piercing butt cheeks together, climbing into a ball pit with anacondas, and intentionally having a snake bite one guy’s penis) before several of the cast members tried to go legit, or to rehab. With Jackass 3D coming to theaters later this month, get reacquainted with the idiot pranksters with this mini-marathon featuring this preview, “Jackass 2.5,” and “Jackass: The Beginning.”